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Thermae Bath SPA: all you need to know

Read about our amazing time at Thermae Bath SPA!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

While you can explore the ancient history of Bath springs at the Roman Baths (see more about it in my article about Bath cultural insights), the best place to experience its curative powers is the Thermae Bath Spa!

The fame of modern Bath and its thermal waters rose again in the 16-17th century till it became one of the most fashionable cities in the country in the 18th century. Natural spring waters feed the pools of Thermae spa, and you can bathe in the same thermal waters as the ancient Romans once did! Thermae spa pays homage to the historical heritage of the city of all periods (the major restoration of this venue was completed in 2006), so let’s dive into those below.
Disclaimer: our visit was complimentary and organised by Visit Bath.

What to expect from your visit to Thermae Bath SPA

There are three hot springs in the centre of Bath: the Cross Spring, the Hetling Spring and the King’s Spring, and once they reach the surface, their average temperature is about 45ºC (and it’s cooled down for the pools of Thermae spa to meet the comfortable and advisable by doctors level).

Once you arrive at the site, you receive a towel, robe and flip-flops and put your phone into a special Yondr pouch with a magnetic lock as the Thermae spa is mobile/camera-free zone (I was granted a special access to shoot out of hours so unfortunately you won’t be able to make the same photos as I did if you’re just visiting). After changing into a bathsuit, you can proceed to the Thermae facilities and a Cafe. Rooftop Pool overlooking the Bath Abbey is probably the most recognisable feature of the Thermae,

However, you can also visit multisensory Wellness Suite which has a few facilities as well: Georgian Steam Room,  Ice Chamber, Infrared room and Celestial Relaxation room (dedicated to the discovery of Uranus in Bath!). The Roman Steam Room was closed during our visit.

Finally, the indoor Minerva Bath pool, as well filled with the thermal water, is another facility not to miss: it’s a quieter and bigger area with palm trees and sunbeds.

I’d highly recommend you to visit Thermae spa and maybe even have an ELEMIS treatment there as it is an absolutely unique and relaxing experience where the historical importance meets your wellbeing and allows you to expand your experience from visiting Bath.

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Hope you enjoyed this blog!
Anna xxx

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