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5 reasons to love Rushton Hall Hotel&Spa

Learn about Rushton Hall, one of the most amazing big city escapes in England!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

This May I got back to Rushton hall hotel and spa in Northamptonshire, one of my favorite British countryside escapes! First time we were kindly hosted there in autumn and now during the late spring.

If to answer in short, why we returned there, I would laconically reply that this place is just perfect. Upon arrival you just have that feeling that your stay is going to be well – and there are five reasons to love it!

1. Historic heritage

First of all, it’s a real historic estate – if the sole outlook of it hasn’t convinced you, I’ll share some facts with you below. Thresham family owned it for two hundred years, then different owners were changing each other for some time: Cockayne family, William Hope, Clarke – Thornhill family and others.

Many famous people are linked to Rushton Hall too: for instance, Francis Tresham was involved in the Gunpowder plot and died in the Tower of London in 1605 while imprisoned there. Charles Dickens, a frequent visitor to Rushton Hall, possibly even put his vision of it on paper in Great Expectations.

Just 20 min walk from it (or 4 min by car) is the National Trust’ tiny but mighty Triangular Lodge located. Everything in there was, with mystical Christian ideas at the background, projected with number 3: three floors, three walls and so on.



2. Modernized yet atmospheric rooms

Secondly, although you’re staying in a historical manor which traces its roots back to 1438, at the same time it’s a modern luxury hotel with a spa and pools.

The rooms are extremely comfortable but still they preserve the atmosphere of long-before-the-21st-century. As you might’ve guessed, bathroom was my favourite part of the room 🙂



3. The estate

Thirdly, the grounds of the Rushton Hall is charming and relaxing. I wish we had our own wedding ceremony in there! You can just walk along the stream, explore local plants, chase wild rabbits or watch sheep nearby. So idyllic isn’t it!

4. Food experience

Fourthly, food here is simply delicious. The breakfasts are just fine but all the dining options are beyond your average food experience. Last time we had the loveliest afternoon tea in the Great Hall with big chairs, portraits on the walls and a huge chimney.


This time we had the yummiest dinner at The Brasseria and some Fine dining at the Tresham Restaurant. I don’t know what I’ve liked more: the way the food tasted or the way it was served.

Btw, the Tresham Restaurant is the only place in Northamptonshire that holds 3 Rosettes. Its menu is created by Head Chef Adrian Coulthard – just look at these appetizers brought in an engraved box and the desserts with edible flowers, I can’t imagine how many skills and what ardor the making of them requires!


5. The Stableyard spa

Lastly, the Stableyard spa with sauna and pools is really good. I tried their Elemis facial and loved it a lot!

How to get to Rushton Hall?

The most convenient way to get there is by car – it’s about a 2 hour drive from London. However, you can also get there first by train to Kettering, a nice town in Northamptonshire, and then by taxi. But I must say as we tried both that car was a much more comfortable option even despite the London traffic!


What else?

Explore the countryside, towns and various manors around Rushton Hall such as Cottesbrooke Estate, Kettering or Rothwell!



You know what? I already want to come back again!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog!


Anna xxx


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