About Me

Hi, I’m Anna, a London-based travel and lifestyle blogger. I was born in Moscow but moved to the UK several years ago. Apart from being a scientific journalist I enjoy traveling around the world and exploring my new home city. I graduated from Moscow State University (Physiology), Gorky’s Literature Institute (Creative Writing) and King’s College London (Bioethics and Society). My favourite colours: Blue, Turquoise and Ivory. I’d almost never wear pink if not for instagram shots 🙂 My favourite food: cheese, ramen (the best comfort food you can have, right?) and lychee. I love learning languages: apart from English and Russian, I speak a bit of French and Italian, have some Spanish in my anamnesis, currently learning Japanese and I’d love to start learning hangul properly. I also studied Latin, Old Church Slavonic and Church Slavonic back in school/uni. And some random facts: I love rock music and opera, I play piano, collect mini books and jewellery, adore long flights, can sleep anywhere I can and enjoy learning new things! Come and join me in my travels! Yours, Anna xxx