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Eastbourne: easy trips from London

Have you ever been to Eastbourne, one of the prettiest English seaside towns?

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Eastbourne might be a small seaside town but it’s full of charm and activities to pass a day. I’ve been there several times, and now we spent a night there too following a kind invitation from the Port hotel. Scroll down to see what to do in Eastbourne!

Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier is one of the main landmarks of Eastbourne. It was opened in 1872 (well, officially in June 1870 but in reality the works were not completed by that time). It has been destroyed both by water and fire throughout its history. After its recent renovation, it looks glorious. There are various shops there, a few studios, beautiful pavilions and…

…of course, the Victorian tea room. We visit it every time we’re in Eastbourne – their high tea is really nice!


Eastbourne is perfect for walking. Enjoy the sea views, the shingle beach and walk along the seashore starting from the round Wish tower, passing the famous Bandstand and old hotels, pass the Eastbourne Pier and proceed to the Royal Parade.

Royal Parade Hotels

There are a few areas in Eastbourne that are filled with the hotels, and so is the Royal Parade that goes alongside the seashore. It makes part of the promenade, and on a nice day it’s a great place to have a stroll.

Eastbourne Redoubt

The Redoubt is a very unique site to visit. It’s a surviving fortification erected during the Napoleonic wars as a protecting building in case the French landed on the British shores. You can explore it both from outside and inside – note that the most significant parts of it apart from the museum are the Moat (7.6*7.3m), the drop Bridge, the Caponiers, and the Glacis, a protective slope.

Eastbourne England


Azimuth is a monument made out of the real pieces of wood damaged by the sea. It is located near the Redoubt that reminds you of the shipwrecks and the giant sea monsters.

The natural sights

Doubtless, Eastbourne is very well known for its proximity to the Beachy Head, the highest chalk cliff of Britain, and the Seven Sisters. The latest is one of my favourite places to visit in England overall so if you haven’t been yet, head there as soon as you can!

Besides that, during my latest visit I was lucky to witness the starling murmuration, an absolutely amazing bird behaviour pattern to spot in winter.  

Tip: if you’d like to see more of the chalk cliffs, you can also visit Lewes, a very pretty place with a castle!

Religious sites

Eastbourne houses quite a few churches in a very little distance from each other. While exploring the city, you can spot the St Saviour’s and St Peter’s church, the church of St Mary in Old Town, Catholic Church of Our Lady of Ransom and many others. St Michael and All Angels church is located between Eastbourne and Willingdon.

Tips: if you’re in Eastbourne to have a cultural programme, visit the Towner Art Gallery and Lifeboat Museum or go to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre.

Port Hotel

We were kindly hosted by the recently renovated Port Hotel that is located on the Royal parade, and our room had the best view over the sea and the Eastbourne pier.

The black building housing the Port stands out from all other Victorian houses along the seashore, and once inside you are pleasantly surprised by the modern and calming interior. There are 19 rooms, a bar, a restaurant whose menu consists only of the locally produced products and a terrace. 

Have you been to Eastbourne or, maybe you’re planning to visit soon?

Hope you enjoyed my blog,

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