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Agriturismo in Italy

All you need to know about Agriturismo accommodations in Italy!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Agriturismo is a pretty common way of spending the holidays in Italy thanks to thousands of small farms in the rural area.

It’s basically a type of accommodation in the countryside where owners live in a modest villa and keep a few rooms / small houses (something like a former barn) for visitors.

Moreover, frequently they can provide you with some food of their own produce such as cheese, milk, eggs, cut meats, bread, pasta, veggies and fruits. Depending on location, there might be a restaurant or simply a spare room with a table where you can have colazione – breakfast, pranzo – lunch, cena – dinner – included. 

Nothing beats an agroturismo if you want to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the tranquillity of the Italian countryside. You’ll be able to explore the best landscape around you and in addition learn how the food is produced there. 

Often agriturismo is combined with a real farm, and you can see lots of animals living there. Sometimes you can find more activities around an agriturismo such as canoeing and cycling – check the activities in advance!

Agriturismo is often far away from a luxury accommodation: you’d better bring your teeth brushes, body lotions and other necessities you might need.

And finally, when visiting an Agriturismo, don’t forget to explore the towns in the area – believe me, even the tiniest ones have a very special story behind them, and your visit will pay off!

Agriturismo Fattoria di Maria Donata

Recently, we went to Agriturismo Fattoria di Maria Donata near Pescara, just a short ride away from the seashore where we reside.

We chose that location because we wanted to introduce our kid to farm animals in their natural habitat, and we 100 percent succeeded: in that agriturismo they had donkeys, a horse, chickens, goats, rabbits, a peacock, ducks and other birds! 

Rooms were named after different fruits and veggies, and we went for the Fico appartamento that consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen and a restroom. Overlooking the pool and surrounded by an olive grove, we had our piece of serenity. 

La Porta Dei Parchi

In the past we visited an agriturismo La Porta dei Parchi located in the middle of the picturesque Gran Sasso mountain chain in Aquila province with a views over magnificent Gole del Sagittario.

La Porta dei Parchi was a place where a herd of sheep was kept while changing the pastures. And there were the cutest puppies of Maremmano, huge white Abruzzese Sheepdogs! The National park of Abruzzo was loathed nearby as well, and we had the best time exploring the natural treasures of the region there the photos below courtesy Boris Pastukhov).

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