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Cool Hong Kong Food you must try

Fun gastronomy experiences in Hong Kong!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Do you prefer an extreme food experiences? Or high cuisine is what you usually have for lunch? Or, maybe, you just love tasty food and the posh names are not for you? Well, Hong Kong food are so rich that you will definitely find something for yourself, from very exotic ingredients like jellyfish or bird’s nests to rare fruits! I’ve chosen a few gastronomical experiences we had ourselves and that were really special – check them out.

Yumcha Hong Kong

Yum Cha (literally means ‘drink tea’) is a very old Chinese tradition dating back to the Sung Dynasty when you have tea with some snacks, usually dim sums or buns both savoury and sweet. But we visited the place called Yum cha not because of its name but because of the incredibly funny food they do!

Custard buns, pork buns, shrimp rolls, steamed Chinese cabbage buns, green tea buns, all extremely kawai and delicious as well as the watermelon jelly – what would you love to try?

Cocktails in the clouds

For the last day in Hong Kong we decided to go for something very special – and choose to observe the night view of the city from the highest bar in the whole world! The Ozone is the rooftop bar on the 118 floor of ICC tower where the five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel is located. Its design was created by Japanese visionary Masamichi Katayama. Both the views and the cocktails with food were spectacular. 

Hong Kong-style milk tea 

You might wonder why this drink made it to my list? First of all, it’s delicious, secondly – it might not have been invented in Hong Kong (did you know that bubble tea comes from Taiwan?) but there is a local super popular variety of it you have to try! And to be honest with you, all of the local varieties, even with the red beans, were pretty tasty to my liking. 

Michelin star cuisine on the high end…

Hong Kong is a place where you can find restaurants for all pockets, including the very high end expensive cuisine. We visited Michelin three-starred T’ang court in The Langham where we stayed for their tasting menu, and it was just fantastic not to mention rare, unusual and generally very expensive ingredients like braised imperial bird’s nest (real edible bird’s nest made by swiftlets), sea cucumber (a small marine animal) and abalone (a sea snail). Chrysanthemum jelly, another Chinese speciality, was one of the highlights for the dessert.

…and on the cheapest end of Hong Kong Food

Michelin-starred dim sums on a budget? Yes, you can do that in Hong Kong too! Tim Ho Wan is an ordinarily looking place that is frequently called one of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants in the world! It was founded by chef Mak Kwai-pui in 2009 and now has franchises in 12 countries.

You tick all the dishes you’d like to try on a piece of paper (that’s a pretty traditional way of ordering dim sum to be honest) and receive your mouth-watering food very shortly. We also tried some pork buns and desserts there such as jellies, yuuum!

Jackfruit dishes

Hong Kong street cuisine uses jackfruits very actively. We were lucky to visit the city during the high season of thousands of fruits, and basically everything from it was delicious, from the fresh fruits and teas with jackfruits to the pancakes with whipped cream and fruit pieces! Unripe jackfruit is also sometimes used in vegetarian dishes as a substitution to meat because it’s really flashy and doesn’t have much taste.

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