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Prague: 10 best panoramic spots

Make sure you don’t miss the best observation points when in Prague!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Prague is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and one of the best ways to appreciate that is from above. Every time I come back to the Czech capital, I make sure to visit a few of the observation spots, so I’m gladly sharing my favorites with you!

Prague observation point purpurpurpur


Petrin Hill

I totally ignored Petrin during my first two trips to Prague, and that was a huge mistake! It’s elevated over 300 metres above the sea level, has a few attractions to visit such as the Mirror Maze and the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, and is a really nice place to stroll along. You can also have a nice coffee with some food at the bar nearby – it has a terrace but the view is a bit blocked by the trees. 

  Prague observation point purpurpurpur

We took the Funicular Railway up (you can also take a tram or walk up there)  to the top and headed to the…



Lookout Tower

If you made it up to the Petrin Hill, don’t hesitate to go to the Lookout Tower 63.5m high! The 360 degrees view is absolutely gorgeous, and we were lucky to get a bit of sunshine during our visit too. The tower itself was built in 1891 for the the Jubilee Exhibition and is frequently called a Mini Eiffel Tower but actually there are a lot of differences between the two.

Prague observation point purpurpurpur Prague observation point purpurpurpur

If you don’t feel in the mood to climb almost three hundred stairs, you can pay a bit extra and use the elevator that would bring you all the way up to the second observational desk.


Terrace U prince

Alternatively, for the views on the Old Town Hall altogether with the Old Town Square, head to the Hotel U prince and grab a drink and some food on its terrace! Although I’ve heard that some customers’ experience isn’t excellent, I personally was very pleased with my visit there with my friends a few years ago – and the view really deserves five stars!

Prague observation point purpurpurpur Prague observation point purpurpurpur


Towers of Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge has a tower on each of its sides: the Lesser Town Bridge Tower and The Old Town Bridge Tower. Both would make perfect panoramic spots so choose whichever you like the best.

purpurpurpur Praguepurpurpurpur Prague

We opted for the Lesser Town Bridge Tower – and just look at these incredible views of the roofs, domes, and spires!

purpurpurpur Praguepurpurpurpur Prague purpurpurpur Praguepurpurpurpur Prague



Prague castle

Prague Castle is an unmissable gem of Prague. It was founded in the 9th century, and now tourists head there for the gorgeous range of architectural masterpieces and historic insights. But believe me, the views you’ll get from there are no less beautiful as you’ll have a chance to observe famous red tiled roofs, the Vltava river, and the bridges lying under your feet.
purpurpurpur Prague  Prague observation point purpurpurpur



Cafe Coffee In Garden

This cafe called Coffee in Garden on the way up to the Prague castle is one of my favorite spots in Prague – you can relax there sipping the coffee feeling a bit isolated from the touristic crowds that are passing by.

purpurpurpur Prague purpurpurpur Prague



Old Town Hall Tower

Old Town Hall dating back to 1338 is one of the busiest places in Prague because it’s located on the main historic square of the city –  Old Town Square, houses the unique and newly restored astronomical clock (the Orloj) and provides tourists with some of the best views on the Church of Our Lady before Týn and Prague Castle – and now over the Marian column of Prague too (it has just been restored this June 2020)! I visited it during my very first visit and I’d be glad to revisit it once again.


Sun terrace T-Anker

 Another place I’d advise you to pop in is Slunecni terasa T-Anker – it’s a huge and modern restaurant with a terrace and a nice variety of food and drinks (especially beer, Prague’s delicacies) at the very centre of historical Prague. It’s located on the top of Kotva department store. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance!

Town Belfry by St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church is definitely the landmark you won’t like to miss because it’s a church with absolutely breathtaking interiors. But for the views climb the Town Belfry by St. Nicholas Church. Interestingly, it actually has never been a part of the church and has always served as a municipal building.

Purpurpurpur Prague

Mánes Bridge 

Although the Mánes Bridge (Mánesův most) named after the painter Josef Mánes is not technically on elevation, it still would make you a perfect panoramic landmark. Walk along the bridge or come down for the swans (and – oh my goodness! – we met a few nutrias over there too!) – these views of the Charles Bridge, The Old Town Bridge Tower and the Vltava river are iconic!

purpurpurpur Prague nutria
purpurpurpur Prague nutria purpurpurpur Prague nutria purpurpurpur Prague nutria






Hope you enjoyed my new blog!




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