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Paris: Festive edition 2021/2022

Admire Paris, the city of lights, all dressed up for winter festivities! 

By Anna Purpurpurpur

The first few blogs of the year have to be special, so why not show you the city of lights all dressed up for Christmas! 

We visited Paris last year when it started to get ready for the winter festivities, so let’s see some of them! Large avenues sparkling with lights, huge decorations of the Grand Magazines, Christmas markets and many more.

Dior shops again and again and again

Let me start with the windows of one of my favorite brands, Dior! They include many locations: obviously Avenue Montagne, Avenue de Champs  Élysées, Rue St Honoré… But the theme remains the same: the star of Dior in laces and with glittering lights!

Avenue de Champs Élysées

Avenue de Champs Élysées lies between Place de la Concorde and l’Arc de Triomphe and one of the main cords of Paris. Obviously, it’s decorated too – have a look at some shops I’ve passed by! Guerlain’s was my favourite.

Printemps Haussmann

The famous Grands Magasins of France are all in festive cheer both inside and outside! I loved those elves and Chanel windows the most – and what about you? They are creations of Aurélia Fronty who is an illustrator beq`hind the windows of Printemps Haussmann.

Christmas Markets in Paris

There are quite a few Christmas markets in Paris but we crossed the one near the Grand Magasins and opposite to the Opera Garnier. Oh how good were the delicious crepes!

Galeries Lafayette

Well, everyone knows that the decorations of Galeries Lafayette are the most famous for Christmas, and they don’t disappoint! The moto 1,2,3 Noel is executed by l’atelier Bournillat.

By the way, there is a small section of Galeries Lafayette at Avenue de Champs Élysées – and isn’t it pretty?

Le Village Royal

Le Village Royal, a must visit for those who are looking for shopping for the most luxurious brands, was very pretty dressed up for Christmas too. And of course, their Giant Teddy Bear was the star of the show!

And more…

And just have a glance on other glorious sights of Paris not far away from most notable historical landmarks!

Hope you enjoyed my blog!

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