A very special announcement

See our photoshoot in splendid Venice to mark the beginning of our babymoon!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Finally, we’re happy to announce that we’re having a baby!

Baby moon pregnancy announcement Purpurpurpur Baby moon pregnancy announcement Purpurpurpur

And there was no better place to shoot this announcement than Venice, one of my most favourite cities on Earth and an endless source of inspiration for me. Many thanks to Svetlana @siberian_in_rome who came to shoot us!

Baby moon pregnancy announcement Purpurpurpur Babymoon pregnancy announcement Purpurpurpur

This is my second trip post-(first?) lockdown and second trip whilst pregnant, but I must admit that this time traveling is much more pleasant. Although there are no restrictions of flying for pregnant women until the very advanced stages of pregnancy if there are no special medical criteria for that, my first trimester wasn’t very easy (I’d call  it ‘lethargic’ to be honest) and it influenced my travel experience a lot. 

Babymoon pregnancy announcement Purpurpurpur

And show me that person who came up with the idea to call ‘morning sickness’ exactly as it’s known today when it’s more like ‘all-day-all-night sickness’?:) Anyway, now we’re enjoying our babymoon – a special vacation for couples before having a baby. Not sure whether I’m going to travel more this year because of the COVID-19 uncertainty and many countries closing their borders again, but this one is definitely the one to remember!

We had another lovely shoot in Venice a year or so prior to our marriage with talented Katia Osipova, and, as my husband is not very keen for photoshoot, this makes Venice one of the most photographed cities for us as a couple.

P.S.: yes, we know the gender of our baby already but I’m going to reveal it later 🙂




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