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Christmas spirit in Nice

Nice and French Riviera is usually considered a perfect summer location but how is it in winter?

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Some call it a heaven, others the most boring place in the world… But Nice remains the sweetest word for many lovers of warm sunshine, transparent blue water and white pebbles! It’s a nice (sorry for the pun) location around Noël as well!

Some see Nice only like a summer destination exclusively, but there are many things you can do all year around. Let’s explore them!

Promenade des Anglais

Don’t underestimate the Promenade des Anglais, the most famous location in Nice, and surrounding nature charm. Although swimming might not sound very tempting in winter, the views are still adorable – especially when you’re strolling there during a sunset.

Best touristic spots

Major historical attractions are open all year round! There are so many activities to do: go to Masséna or Chagall and Matisse museums, pay a visit to Russian Orthodox Cathedral and pop into the Castle Hill park. And no doubt there are high chances that all those locations would be less crowded in winter – and you can walk around freely.

Masséna square

The main square of Nice turns into a bright arena where the famous seven statues by Jaume Plensa accompany the Christmas party. 7 meter high Apollo looks quite happy as well 🙂

The colourful Christmas ferris wheel makes a perfect match with the fountains – their reflections look absolutely magical.

Nice Christmas village at Place Masséna

European festive markets are always fun places to wander around. Although I must tell you that I like London markets more (still loyal to the UK!), I really enjoyed the Nice’s one in the Jardin Albert 1 with its ice ring, big ferris wheel, pretty shopping area – and especially with its food stalls.

Have you heard about Socca? It’s a traditional Niçoise delish made out of chickpea flour, olive oil and water – and you should try it hot and freshly baked! Swipe!

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But my personal favourites are potatoes au gratin with all sorts of cheeses and sometimes even bacon (see more food on the slides). Swipe!

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Mulled white and red wines are also served alongside the apple cider.

Children’s area and local craftsmen and craftswomen occupy part of the market as well: what out of these things you like the most? (the slides again!) Christmas market is open right until the 1st of Jan. Swipe!

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Christmas shopping

Everybody has to get presents regardless of whether you prefer not to spend any money on something completely unnecessary and to contribute to the world wide consumerism 🙂 Shopping areas are getting dressed up for Christmas as well! Try walking around avenue Jean Médecin.

Of course, Galeries Lafayette Masséna, the sibling of the Paris’s famous store, it is all decorated appropriately for its status.

Other big stores such as NicEtoile are competitively festive aren’t they?

Finally, of course, you can travel around Côte d’Azur – maybe Cannes or Monaco?





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