Greetings from London! Welcome to my blog!

First of all, let me introduce myself: my name is Anna but you probably know me by a handle purpurpurpur or ‘that girl with braids’on Instagram…

By Anna Purpurpurpur

First of all, let me introduce myself: my name is Anna but you probably know me by a handle purpurpurpur or ‘that girl with braids’ on Instagram.

Recently I realized that there are too many constraints for me on that platform – thus, in addition to it, I’ve decided to start my blog as well. I’ll do my best to keep it different from my Instagram page: you’ll find here more photos, more long reads, more links, more personal information – in short, more of everything. But the leitmotif will stay the same: travel, lifestyle, food.

In my introduction post, I’ve decided to answer the most frequent questions about myself straight away. I’m turning 26 but it does not feel like that at all. I’m based at Little Venice/Maida Vale Area in London, the UK, have a lot of orchids, several goldfish and a lot of (really a lot of!) travel plans.

Pescara in Abruzzo, Italy, is my secret hideaway. So far I’ve been able to check 24 countries off my “to visit” list.  My most distant journeys from central Europe are to the USA, South Korea, Japan, Ecuador and Karelia on the north of Russia. Fingers crossed, more to come!

Being born in Russia I’ve started to visit London frequently about eight years ago as my then husband-to-be (who is my schoolmate and we know each other for – omg! – about 12 years!) moved to the UK.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to keep pets where we live but I would really love to have a beagle, or a french bulldog, or a dalmatian, or Japanese bobtail, or a chinchilla, or… Well, I can go on for ages.

I love assembling collections. For instance, I have a collection of miniature books and antiquarian books, of kokeshi (traditional Japanese dolls), of unusual earrings and of heels I never wear.

I play piano and adore opera.

I graduated from the MSU with a degree in Human and Animal Physiology, Gorky Literature Institute in creative writing and King’s College London in Bioethics and Society. This crazy mix turned out to be quite fruitful: I work as a medical and scientific journalist (my publications include BBC, Forbes, Commersant, Popular Mechanics, etc) and editor (Biomolecula).

I’m extremely passionate about science and my job is an essential part of me as a person. Please let me know if you want me to dive into any particular topic!

My Instagram page is a pretty big baby now – it is over 6 years old, having been created on the 15th of May’12. We’ve been together through tough times, a lot of delicious food and just-like-everyone-else’s shots.

I’m still working on my style, elevating my photography skills and exploring new possibilities of editing – I sincerely hope that I’ve progressed a bit since my first images which you can see on the right.


Thank you for being with me throughout this journey!


Anna purpurpurpur


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