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Putrajaya, Malaysia in 1 day

Join me in a walk along Putrajaya!

By Anna Purpurpurpur

Have you heard of Putrajaya? It’s the brand new second capital of Malaysia. It’s a perfect day trip from Kuala Lumpur – or even easier, you can see if on your way from the airport because it is located half-way on your way to Malaysian capital!

Why Putrajaya is even a thing? After Kuala Lumpur became too crowded and congested with traffic, it was decided to start a new city from scratch and to transfer all governmental and administrative offices there. Actually, they built a whole new island and surrounded it by an artificial lake. Now to get there, you’ll have to cross one of the bridges.

Eventually, the construction on this site started in the mid-90s, and in 1999 the seat of the federal government of Malaysia was transferred here.

Usually Putrajaya is a buzzy business city but we can on a weekend, and it felt like an island of tranquility. Because of the abundance of green spaces and parks it’s even nicknamed ‘Intelligent garden city’!

What to see in Putrajaya?

Putra Mosque

First of all, come to the Putra Mosque built in 1999. It’s the main mosque of Putrajaya, and it looks absolutely phenomenal.

Just look at this gorgeous pink dome made out of pink and white granite – it’s nicknamed a pink mosque sometimes because of it. Its minaret is 116m tall and is seen from far away. Tourists are very welcome there, and ladies are given coverings.

From the terrace there you can spot Astana Daryl Ehsan, the residence of Sultan of Selangor, which was built in gratitude for accommodating the second capital in Selangor.

Perdana Putra

Perdana Putra is looked right by the Putra Mosque – this is the place where the Prime Minister resides now. It overlooks a large square and Persiaran Perdana, or Putrajaya Boulevard, going all the way to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Putrajaya International Convention Centre was built in built in 2001-2003 lies on the other side of Persiaran Perdana. Come for the observational terrace here for the best view over Putrajaya!

Dataran Putra

Dataran Putra is a public square in Putrajaya where you can find a few beautiful landmarks like the Palace of Justice and large metal arch framing it.

Another important attraction not far from here is the Iron Mosque built in 2009. An official title of it is Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, which reflects the connection to the 13th King of Malaysia. This building is pretty unusual for a mosque: not only it’s made in steel (hence the name) but also it doesn’t have a minaret and is built in non-Arabic style. 

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